Our Philosophy

Creating beautiful smiles in Pendleton

Many have asked why I do certain things one way over another. While there are many ways to meet your dental needs, my goal is to accomplish those needs with the most modern and up to date methods and materials. There are four main guidelines I follow while considering your oral health.

Dental work should look like it grew there. Because much controversy surrounds the use of silver, amalgam fillings (mercury, fracture lines, leaky margins) – I do not offer them. White composite fillings are exceptional treatment options as well as other glass ionomer resins, porcelain, and gold. Because I value your personal preference, I never charge more for a porcelain crown over a gold one. Your results should be beautiful and without those black lines at the bottom of crowns.

Dental treatment should last a long time. The national average duration of a crown in the mouth is 5-7 years. This is completely unacceptable. Although no dental work is as good as healthy, sound teeth, your dental work should last with reliable results. For this reason, I do not take chances. By this I mean I will not recommend treatment that does not carry with it a good to excellent long-term prognosis. I stand behind my work and take great pride in giving you the very best.

Dental work should be relatively pain free both during and after treatment. Please ask about sedation dentistry, pre-procedure “numbing” rinses, and longer acting dental anesthetics. While we take great measures to make your visit comfortable, post-operative discomfort still arises. For this reason, I can be reached 24/7 on my cell phone at 541-429-5172. Please let us do all we can to help make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

You are the captain. Finally, you will never leave the office with an expensive “new smile”. I will always offer different treatment options with costs and risks associated with each. In the end, the decision is yours to make. It is your mouth, your teeth, and your financial responsibility. Never will I violate your right to make decisions that influence your cosmetic and oral health. The relationship of trust developed between patient and doctor is one I do not take lightly.